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Esthetic dentistry and dentures

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Tooth whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is an effective and low risk treatment, so it can be repeated at regular intervals. Thanks to our teeth whitening procedures, your teeth can become several shades lighter. The results of the treatment and the long-term success of whitening also depend on your dental care and eating habits.


Regular coffee, tea, red wine, colorful foods and smoking can cause stained teeth. Professional teeth cleaning contributes to the long-term preservation of white teeth, because discoloration is removed at an early stage. Then you can smile with courage and confidence again.

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Fixed dentures

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Missing teeth affect not only smiling, but also proper chewing and speaking functions. A missing tooth can also cause adjacent and opposite teeth to migrate and tilt. Nowadays, however, we have the opportunity to make perfect aesthetic and functional dentures.


With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to create esthetic zirconium crowns and bridges for use in dentistry. Here the frame is not a gray metal, but a completely white material: zirconium oxide. Modern dental scan and CAD/CAM-technology ensures perfectly fitting and esthetic dentures that are almost 100% identical to the original.

Tooth-retaining treatments

Maintaining the health of the teeth and taking proper care of the teeth is one of our most important tasks. The longer an inflammation or a cavity is doing damage, the more difficult the treatment can be. The earlier the tooth disease is detected, the simpler, more cost-effective and painless it can be treated.

Damage caused by tooth decay or other causes is repaired with aesthetic dental fillings and inlays so that you can keep your own teeth as long as possible. This includes any treatment aimed at preserving and maintaining the health of the teeth.

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