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Dental screening and dental hygiene treatment

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Dental screening

Regular dental check-ups are important because at an early stage for example, a small cavity can be filtered out, the treatment of which does not require a major intervention. The examination is used to assess and check the condition of the teeth, gums and oral mucosa. 


If we discover a problem that requires further treatment, we will discuss with you in detail what treatment is required and arrange a next appointment. To prevent trouble at least semi-annually / annually regular screening by dentists is recommended.

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Dental hygiene treatment

fogászati kezelés budapest

The hygiene of our mouth fundamentally affects the health of the teeth, gums and bone structure. The dental hygiene treatment is part of basic dental ​​care, which is performed by a dentist or a specially trained dental hygienist.


During the completely painless procedure, the accumulated tartar and discoloration are removed, your teeth are polished smooth, preventing the further growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Oral hygiene treatments have an immediate positive effect, the feeling of well-being improves, and self-confidence increases, your teeth will be visibly cleaner and whiter.


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